June 2020

I appreciate all of the help everyone there provided for me while I was a tenant.

September 2020

It does look great! Thanks for looking out for me and the property for so many years!

October 2020

Congrats to both of us. You and your team are awesome!

Greg & Claudia
November 2020

We really appreciate your excellent service–and your calendar on our fridge too!

May 2020

We value your wisdom and are very appreciative of your great service.

April 2020

Thank you for working with us and the Hulls to find a way that works for everyone, we appreciate it.

March 2020

You have been stellar in providing services that are normally not handled by Realtors – thanks.

Steve W.
March 2020

We have rented from you for almost four years and have never had an issue. They are quick to fix anything and respond to questions fast.

October 2019

Thank you for continuing good advice and diligence.

October 2019

I have rented from NVRM for the past 3.5 years and have had only the best professional experience. All my interactions were respectful and prompt.

September 2019

I do not see my 5 star as overrating the high quality service I have received over the last 11 years that NVRM has managed the apartment I rented in Reston.

July 2019

I appreciate all of assistance in this regard. This whole effort would not have been accomplished without you acting on my behalf. Your knowledge, strategy and experience were instrumental in resolving this matter. Thanks again, I’m truly grateful to you and your firm.

July 2019

Nancy rented my townhouse in 2009, supported the rental from 2009 through 2012, rented my townhouse again in 2015 through 2019, and had my townhouse in spring of 2019 under contract within 4 days of listing. Sold July 2019.

KI Marshall
April 2019

We chose NVRM because it was recommended so often at work and it is obvious why. We’ll be another one of those recommendations and wish you continued success in the business.

March 2019

In 2013 she helped us find tenants for a rental property we own in Fairfax. Since that time she has provided excellent service in finding reliable new tenants, giving us rental advice, and referring us to competent service providers.

March 2019

NVRM managed a NVRM rental property that my wife and I owned for 10 years, and then assisted with the recent sale. The team was always responsive and communicative. I wouldn’t hesitate to use NVRM again or recommend them to friends and family.


My condo is under contract so I will not pursue rental. But I want to thank you, Lucinda, and the team for taking care of my condo in the last 11 years. You all did a great job. You are definitely my preferred rental management company, and will refer you whenever possible. I will also seek your services in the future if a need arises.


Thank you ladies for all that you do on our behalf.


You are amazing at getting renters for our property! I think in the 12 years (!) we have been renting it out, it has been empty for about a month.

Peter C.

No need to thank me for the referrals. You more than earned your reputation with me as being the best Realtor/manager in the business!

Lettie and Jerry

Hope we get a really good tenant with an excellent credit and paying history this time. We are confident we’re in good hands with NVRM. Please keep us posted, as you have been doing. Many thanks. Best regards to you and Norene.


It was a pleasure renting from you, and I appreciated your responsiveness to the occasional maintenance requirements at the property.


It has been a pleasure living in the house, made ever so much greater by your outstanding, professional management support. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Bob and Julie

Thank you so much for the wonderful dinner… Also, thank you for all the help over the last few years. You’ve given us a lot of personal attention and we really do appreciate it.

Rafael and Judy

Thank you for your eleven years of managing our townhouse on Bermuda Green Court in Pinecrest. You not only helped us purchase and sell the property in a timely and efficient manner, but you managed it as a rental for us while we were abroad. We always felt comfortable with your decisions and knew that your judgment was based on what was right by us and the realty profession. It was a productive relationship and we want you to know we appreciate your courtesies to us and to Angie while she was a tenant.


Yesterday I received your monthly report and itemization of the expenses/repairs/upgrades to my rental property. Everything looks very good and I am especially impressed with the itemization from your handyman who did a multitude of repairs and fixes, no matter how minor. One of the items was one of many “little things” I had noted myself but on top of all the large items to get done I didn’t bring it up…..so it was very impressive that it was noted and repaired. With the landscaping and repairs accomplished, I am sure the house looks very good and impressive for the renters. You have all done a super job and actually under budget from what I had expected.


We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation for all the hard work you’ve done into helping us throughout these years. Your dedication to the profession, tireless effort to ensure our needs are met, and your attention to detail are second to none. Despite the sale of our home, we would love to have you represent us in the purchase of our new home upon our return to Virginia. I have no doubts in my mind that the excellent service that we received from you will continue as we search for our new home. Thank you and we eagerly look forward to our continued partnership.


Great! I’d say the money for Linn was well spent… little hassle and quickly rented. That’s what we needed!


I consider NVRM the gold standard for property managers.


I’m so excited!! Firstly, you have been a fantastic help and support throughout this whole ordeal of getting my Mother’s house ready and I thank you greatly! I couldn’t have done it without you and you have been a joy to work with.


I also wanted to say one more time, a big thank you to all of you. You took a chance on us at a difficult time in my life and have always been so kind and supportive. I really appreciate the world-class service from everyone on the team!


If you are looking for a property manager or a selling/buying agent, you will be smart to use Lucinda
Hoveskeland and her team. They are great! I have worked with Lucinda and her team for more than 16
years. When I moved from Falls Church, Virginia to Orlando, Florida in 1998, I needed someone I could
depend on to manage my Virginia house. At the time it was very possible that I would need to return to
the Washington-DC area. It is crucial to have a property manager that you can trust and depend on,
especially when you live a good distance from the property.

Bruce R.

Thank you for your assistance in obtaining the rental properties. We genuinely appreciate all you have done to secure our children’s’ education.


I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK you ALL so MUCH for your superb property management of our townhome for the past decade and more.


Deanna and I are so thankful to you and your team for all of the wonderful support and advice over the years. We have been blessed as a result of this union and NVRM will be our top recommendation/referral to friends and colleagues coming to your area.